SSIS 03: Deploy Packages with SSIS

What You Will Learn

The best way to become acquainted with the new tools, controls, and features available in Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services is to use them. This tutorial walks you through the steps to create an Integration Services project and then add the packages and other necessary files to the project. After the project is complete, you will create a deployment bundle, copy the bundle to the destination computer, and then install the packages on the destination computer.


Lessons in This Tutorial

Lesson 1: Preparing to Create the Deployment Bundle
In this lesson, you will get ready to deploy an ETL solution by creating a new Integration Services project and adding the packages and other required files to the project.

Lesson 2: Create the Deployment Bundle in SSIS
In this lesson, you will build a deployment utility and verify that the deployment bundle includes the necessary files.

Lesson 3: Install SSIS Packages
In this lesson, you will copy the deployment bundle to the target computer, install the packages, and then run the packages.


This tutorial is intended for users who are already familiar with fundamental file system operations, but who have limited exposure to the new features available in SQL Server Integration Services. To better understand basic Integration Services concepts that you will put to use in this tutorial, you might find it useful to first complete the following Integration Services tutorial: SSIS How to Create an ETL Package.

Source computer. The computer on which you will create the deployment bundle must have the following components installed:

Destination computer. The computer to which you deploy packages must have the following components installed:

  • SQL Server
  • Sample data, completed packages, configurations, and a Readme. These files are installed together if you download the Adventure Works 2014 Sample Databases.
  • SQL Server Management Studio.
  • SQL Server Integration Services.
  • You must have permission to create and drop tables in AdventureWorks and to run packages in SQL Server Management Studio.
  • You must have read and write permission on the sysssispackages table in the msdb SQL Server system database.

If you plan to deploy packages to the same computer as the one on which you create the deployment bundle, that computer must meet requirements for both the source and destination computers.

Estimated time to complete this tutorial: 2 hours


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