Data Modelling Examples

Exercise 1

An art researcher has asked you to design a database to record details of ARTISTS and the MUSEUM in which their PAINTINGS are displayed. For each painting, the researcher wants to know the size of the canvas, year painted, title, and style. The nationality, date of birth and death of each artist must be recorded. For each museum, record details of its location and speciality, if it has one.


Exercise 2

The president of a BOOK wholesaler has told you that she wants information about the PUBLISHERS, AUTHORS and books that she carries. She knows that publishers publish many books and books can be written by one or more authors (obviously authors can also write more than one book). In order to track accurate information about the publisher, the wholesaler wants to know the publishers’ name, their phone number and their address. They also want to know who to call when they need to contact the publisher. The wholesaler also wants to know the book titles, the ISBN number, the date it was published, the genre, and the author of the book. She also wants some basic information about the authors.



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